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The Essential Guide to Life Mastery: 8 Areas of Focus for an Extraordinary Life


6 Life Lessons Learned From Choosing the WRONG Airplane Seat

I recently came back from a wonderful trip to Germany where I decided to take a break from all the noise, technology and distraction and unplug completely from what seems like unlimited pings and alerts on our phones and computers.

I've been going through a period of transition in my own life lately and I desperately needed some time away to clear my mind.

However, the reason I'm writing this article today is not to tell you how great my vacation was, but because I'd like to share with you a story.

A real story depicted from my own personal experience on my way back home from Germany that taught me some valuable life lessons.

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The Life Mastery Guide: 8 Areas of Focus for an Extraordinary Life

There is power in MASTERY! And how many people do you know who are really committed to mastery today? Most people dabble in a million things, they master nothing, and they wonder why they’re unfulfilled. Because they’re running for the sugar, the next thing that feels good, instead of getting past what doesn’t feel good and getting to where you OWN something.

Tony Robbins (#1 Life and Business Strategist)

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How to 10x Your Productivity With This Simple Habit of Top Performers

10x productivity

Our individual ability to focus, to block-out distractions and really bear down on the task at hand is a hugely underrated mental asset. 

Some people learn to use this priceless resource efficiently, while others waste it.

The good news is that our ability to pay attention — to focus — works much like a muscle. If we use it either poorly or too infrequently, it will wither. But if we work it, it will grow. It's the case of the old saying: What you don't use, you lose.

In this article, I'll try to shine a light on this underappreciated mental faculty, and showcase its vital role in helping you live a more fulfilling life.

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The Control Factor That Determines All Your Outcomes in Life (Hint: It’s probably not what you think)

Have you ever wondered what is the single most important factor that determines ALL your outcomes in life?

What's the one thing that determines whether you'll get to the end of your life happy and fulfilled OR unhappy and depressed? 

What determines whether you'll get to live where you want to live, drive the car that you want to drive, do what you want to do and when you want to do it?

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